Time Warner Entertainment is expanding its operation in Charlotte with plans to add 200 jobs over the next four years.

The state of North Carolina will provide a Job Development Investment Grant, or JDIG, worth up to $3.68 million if job creation goals are met.

The jobs will pay an average salary of $70,375.

The JDIG was approved by the state Economic Investment Committee on Monday morning.

Time Warner Entertainment is part of Time Warner Cable, the largest cable TV provider in North Carolina.

“Time Warner Cable continues to be an active corporate citizen in North Carolina with operating divisions throughout the state and corporate offices in Charlotte,” said Jim Jeffcoat, senior vice president of corporate service, in a statement.

“We are now ready to expand that presence to include additional functions,” he added. “The state’s JDIG program was a primary factor for us in deciding to increase our presence in North Carolina.”

Time Warner Cable received a JDIG in 2004 for an expansion plan that led to more than 400 jobs and a company investment of some $31 million. Time Warner Cable exceeded the number of jobs planned as well as its investment.

The company is currently building a new structure in Charlotte to augment one finished in 2005.

Jobs include administration, information technology and related services.