The current Internet landscape is filled with distractions such as email, Twitter, FriendFeed, instant messaging, feed readers, social networks and more. It can be hard maintaining a blog, even a micro-blog. Posterous aims to simplify the blogging process as much as possible.

You can post to it through the traditional way of logging in and writing a post or you can post just as easily via email or even text message.

Think of it like the micro-blogging service Tumblr, but even more simplified. You don’t have to choose what type of post it is (such as a picture or a video), you just send it (or post it) and the service puts it on your own Posterous blog.

Posterous just reached its one month birthday and to mark it, it has rolled out a new feature. Now, you can use Posterous as a middle man of sorts for blogging. Using the service’s easy-to-post methods, you can post to a wide variety of other blogging services that you may use. Services supported include Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, MovableType, LiveJournal, Xanga and even Tumblr.

This follows integration a couple weeks ago with the micro-messaging service Twitter and Yahoo’s social photo site Flickr.

In addition to the blog platforms listed, Posterous co-founder Gerry Tan writes in a comment: “we also support any blog system that responds to both the MetaWebLog API and Really Simple Discovery API. Just type your blog URL, the username and password, and you’re set.”

This may not sound useful unless you were planning to spam all of your readers with the same message on multiple platforms, however. Posterous allows you to utilize different email addresses to determine which one you want to post to. For example, if you want to post to Flickr, you would send an email to To post to your Tumblr blog, you would send the email to, and so on.

Posterous encourages you to send not only text, but images, music and any type of data file as well. The service hosts them all free of charge and will create a post centered around them.

We’ve written a bit about the rise of mobile blogging in the past, and Posterous looks to make it even easier. But even using it from the desktop, Posterous offers an enticing way to streamline blogging.