Members of the U.S. armed forces are getting a thumbs-up salute through their mobile phones just in time for July 4.

2ThumbZ Entertainment is teaming up with the military branches and AT&T to provide mobile content geared specifically to airmen, soldiers, sailors and Marines – and their families.

The audio and visual offerings range from patriotic songs, such as the Marine Hymn, to ringtones, unit logos and animation plus slide shows.

2ThumbZ, a 12-person company based in Cary, worked with the military and various units to receive licensing rights to the content. Its creators produced and compressed each piece for use on mobile devices. 2ThumbZ then struck a deal with AT&T, which began selling the content for use on AT&T devices as of Tuesday.

“This is a great way for families and others to show support for the troops,” said Sam Pasquale, senior vice president for product development at 2ThumbZ. “Service members can show not only pride in their branch but also in their unit.

“Today’s generation expresses themselves through their mobile devices. They can use them now to say that my husband or wife is an American hero or my mom or my dad is an American hero.”

Various military charities also will receive a share of some proceeds, starting with the Air Force AID Society.

“We are proud to offer exclusive content through our partnership with 2ThumbZ that conveys the honor, strength and spirit of these elite military units,” said Mark Collins, vice president of consumer products for AT&T’s wireless unit, in a statement.

2ThumbZ, which also works with more than 200 colleges and universities to offer mobile content, created the armed forces program over the past year.

Hugh Shelton, a retired former Army general and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who now runs an educational and leadership program at N.C. State, also has endorsed the program.

“The publication of the US Military content by AT&T allows their customers to express support of U.S. troops”, Shelton said in a statement. “Downloading this content sends a clear expression of gratitude and support for our soldiers across all military branches, which will resonate not only with them, but with their family and friends as well.”

Ringtones are about a $600 million annual market in the United States, according to analysts. Although that market has stagnated the last two years, demand for other content, such as video and animation, seems poised for growth as more multi-media phones come on the market.

AT&T has a three-month exclusive agreement on the content with 2ThumbZ. The network giant also offers the very popular Apple iPhones as well as BlackBerry and other so-called smartphones. 2ThumbZ plans to strike deals with other carriers in the near future, according to Pasquale.

Ringtones and other content start at $1.99 with packages available at $2.99.

2ThumbZ will spilt revenues with AT&T and other carriers. Licensing fees will be paid to the military for use of images and other information.

AT&T customers can access the content by texting USA to 386.