The North Carolina Technology Association hopes to hire a new chief executive officer before the end of the summer, according to board member and former NCTA chairman Bob Hawkins.

NCTA has launched a search to replace Peter Hermann, who resigned as of Friday as president and CEO. Hermann held the position for five months, replacing long-time director Joan Myers.

Randy Fraser, a former NCTA chairman and an executive with Time Warner Cable, will work with NCTA on an interim basis as a volunteer to oversee the group’s operations.

In an interview with WRAL Local Tech Wire, Hawkins declined to discuss why Hermann left.

The Q&A with Hawkins, who oversees EMC’s operations in the Triangle:

What are some lessons learned from Peter’s time here?

I do not feel that we did anything wrong during this search. So, I can not say that we would have done anything differently. But, I do think the previous search experience will serve very well and my personal expectation is this process will move much faster. I would like to have the new CEO in place in 90 days.

This is surprising that Peter would leave after only five months; can you expand on the reason he left?

I can not speculate or expand, outside of the information in the press release. I would prefer to focus on the moving forward and the search for Peter’s replacement.

Randy Fraser is serving as the Executive in Residence, how can he manage with his role at TWC?

Randy is serving as an unpaid volunteer for NCTA during the search for the next President & CEO. The good thing about this is that Randy had been with NCTA since the beginning. He has also served as the Chairman of the BOD. I can not tell you what a benefits it is to have someone with his experience and familiarity with NCTA in this roles. Randy is in the process of retiring at TWC which affords him the flexibility to help us here.

Where are you in the process of finding a replacement?

As NCTA’s current chairperson, Anne McClelland will be heading up the search committee. The committee has not been formed yet. But, NCTA has reengaged with Greene Resources who conducted the search last time. They have started the process and will most likely look into the same candidate pool from the prior search. Some of those candidates that were previously considered may be available at this time.

I have not spoken with Randy regarding consideration for the position. So, I am not sure what his position is on the matter. From my experience serving as interim CEO in 2007, I am just so grateful that he is filling in while NCTA conducts the search.

What are you looking for in a successor?

The one thing that I have learned is that this position is very difficult, time consuming and requires a multitude of skills. This candidate has to have an operational mindset to execute the business plan laid out. It is very important in a non-profit organization to have financial acumen. You have to be an HR Manager for the team. You have to interact with legislature regarding the technology agenda. You must be passionate about STEM education to execute the Knowledge Workforce Committee initiatives. You have to have a mindset of serving the membership to both retain current members and attract new ones.

This type of person is very difficult to find. Joan (Myers) set the bar very high.