Argos Therapeutics has secured $35.2 million in new venture financing along with three additional investors.

The company, which used to be known as Merix, is developing potential drug therapeutics based on the human immune system. Argos lined up $5 million in debt financing to advance its clinical trials last year.

Argos has several clinical trials under way, a Phase II for renal cell carcinoma, a Phase I and II for a form of leukemia and a Phase I for an HIV and cancer immunotherapy.

The HIV candidate is a personalized treatment based on an individual’s dendritic cells, which are part of the immune system.

Argos last year received a $21 million contract from the National Institutes of Health to develop therapies for combating HIV. Argos has now landed $88 million in venture capital. Local investors include The Aurora Funds and Intersouth Partners.

TVM Capital led the new funding. New investors include Mizuho Capital, Morningside Group and Japan Asia Investment Co. In addition, Lumira Capital, Forbion Capital Partners, CDP Capital, Intersouth Partners, Aurora Capital, and GeneChem participated. Each was an existing investor. Also joining the round was Kirin Pharma, which is collaborating with Argos in drug development.

Argos plans to use the funds for further trials of its leading candidates and further development of its protein immunology program, called CD83, that is being prepared for initial human clinical trial.

“The team at Argos has demonstrated significant progress in building a solid pipeline based on its promising, unique approach to immunotherapy,” said Hubert Birner, chairman of the Argos board who also is a general partner at TVM Capital.

“We believe that the company’s many near-term data events, combined with its ability to move into additional cancer and infectious disease indications with its Arcelis platform technology, as well autoimmune disorders with its CD83 soluble protein, position Argos as a leader in the immunotherapy field,” he added.

Argos has received more than half of the committed funds, and the rest will be provided before the end of the year, the company said.

“This significant financing illustrates the confidence in our technology and pipeline on the part of a world-class investor syndicate,” said John Bonfiglio, chief executive officer at Argos. “After demonstrating proof-of-principle and the superior potency of our Arcelis platform with these resources, we would be poised to enter pivotal trials with our dendritic cell-based immunotherapies.”