Randall Gregg, founder and publisher of the Web newspaper Raleigh Chronicle, is selling the publication to his brother, Crash Gregg, who operates the Raleigh Downtowner newspaper.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

The new ownership takes over production of the Chronicle as of April 22. Few changes are planned, according to Randall Gregg.

According to the Chronicle, its traffic topped 100,000 unique visitors in March and April.

"We’ve received a lot of great comments about our local news coverage in the past few months, not only from readers but from other journalists and even journalism professors," said Gregg in a statement. "So as a news organization, I feel like we’ve built up the Raleigh Chronicle to a point where we can turn it over successfully to the Raleigh Downtowner."

Randall Gregg said he sold the newspaper for a “nominal” fee to “just cover some expenses since the buyer is another newspaper that is also owned by a member of the Gregg family.”

Randall’s brother Eric is publisher of the Southeast Tech Journal.

"It was my dream to run a daily newspaper and now that I’ve accomplished that, it’s time to move on to my next project," Randall Gregg said. He didn’t disclose any details.