Lenovo is preparing to fatten its lineup of super-thin ThinkPad laptops with the release of three additional models this fall with screens as big as 15.4 inches, according to reports on various technology Web sites, including Gizmodo.

Gizmodo was among the first news sites to report the story about Lenovo’s ultra-thin X300 model – it’s counter to the “Air” from Apple – in January.

Lenovo plans to add X200 with a 12-inch screen, x400 with a 14.-inch screen and X500 with a 15.4-inch screen this fall. Features include trend-setting, solid-state drives to help reduce size and weight plus light emitting diode (LED) backlit displays that are designed to improve reading performance in a variety of lighting conditions.

All the new models reportedly will be equipped with a forthcoming line of processors from Intel. However, Lenovo has not released any word on pricing. The X300 premiered at a price of $3,225, but is currently priced at $2,902.50 on Lenovo’s Web site.

The X-series machines are around 1 inch thick and weigh in at around 3 pounds.

Features include the ability to access 3G multimedia networks in different standards.

Lenovo unveiled the X300, developed under the codeword “Kodachi,” which is Japanese for "short sword," on Feb. 26.

According to Gizmodo, Lenovo is also preparing to launch additional laptops, including a new “W” lineup.

Expected features include:

  • 6 MB of L2 cache
  • turbo memory option (up to 2GB)
  • Blu-ray HD drive
  • Two PCI express slots
  • 1.6 GHz DDR3 RAM
  • LED backlighting (excludes R series)
  • HSDPA and EVDO network access
  • 9-cell batteries (same form factor as former 6-cell, but 25 percent more life)
  • GPS, WiMAX, and wireless USB

The x300’s solid-state hard-drive option, other than the “W” production, is set to begin in May, the Web site added.

“And from the sound of it, some of the X300’s most appealing features are making their way to the entire ThinkPad line,” Gizmodo added.

The additional models also could help separate Lenovo from Apple and other competitors in the thin laptop space, too.

“The expansion is likely to raise the stakes in the competition between thin, full-size systems, with Lenovo so far being the only company now expected to introduce multiple new screen sizes,” tech Web site Electronista reported. ”Apple, as well as traditional ultraportable builders, have to date kept to only one screen size for a given lineup.”