Triangle resident Jason Bradicich is only 20 years old and he’s launching his second local technology company.

On the heels of his successful Web site-building company, Adena Studios, Bradicich has just unveiled the first videogame video-sharing community site, GameVee ( The founder and chief creative officer of Gamevee has a staff of eight running GameVee from the same Apex office as Adena Studios.

The gamer and entrepreneur took some time to talk about why his site is like the Youtube for gamers (only better), what advantages the Triangle offers for his business and what the future holds for him.

What type of funding have you received for GameVee?

We are funded by private funding and venture capital funding.

Can you talk about your new Web site and how it came about?

All the video Web sites out there were targeted toward the general public and not really to a specific segment. I’m a huge gamer myself, and I knew sharing gameplay videos would be a very popular thing to do. The problem was (that) there was no dedicated place to go to share gameplay videos that had tools and features just for gamers. The other side to the idea was to introduce the concept of Web 2.0 to gamers, which hadn’t really been done before directly. I thought making a Web site for gamers to share their videos and empower them to share, promote, communicate, and network around them would be great.

How will it separate itself from other similar sites?

We are set apart in that most user-submitted video sites follow the YouTube model. This means they are a reservoir for content with minimal, if any, social features. Not only is GameVee a content reservoir, but it is also a buzzing community with rich features such as Highlight, friends, clans, and voting. We do for video gameplay videos what Starbucks did for coffee. We also act very fast and are very in tune with the community and can pump our features quickly.

Why do you think this is a niche that will work online?

The precedents for online video already exists (YouTube, Meta Cafe). Video is the new killer app. And GameVee has added the social community around videos. This been a huge hit already, so we know there is a market for it. User’s activity feels more effective to them when they are surrounded with user’s of the same interest.

What types of things will gamers be able to do with this site?

We have friends lists, friend activity tracking, clans, voting and many, many more. There are two in particular, voting and Highlight. With voting, users can decide which videos become popular (almost like Highlight is a feature we developed and for which we filed a patent. This is where a user can "highlight" a certain portion of a video’s timeline (either theirs or someone else’s) in order to show the part they are talking about while still showing the clip in context. This is like using a yellow highlighter marker on a document to point out key parts. This solves the problem of someone saying "watch the part that’s 2 minute and 34 seconds in". Highlight has been a huge hit to the community in general. Alex Albrecht (co-host of’s podcast Diggnation) said that Highligh "is the best feature for online video… period." (Episode 142)

What’s your business model and how do you see this site growing over the years?

Our business model is the common one for Web communities – use venture capital to grow the site and membership, use advertising to generate revenue and seek merger and acquisition opportunities.

What are the benefits of working in the Triangle when it comes to gaming/technology?

There is a lot of technology in the Triangle and RTP area, such as big game developers Red Storm and Epic Games. The triangle area was also ranked extremely high (I think No. 1) on Forbes’ top places to start a business.

What type of gaming background do you have?

I have been a gamer my whole life since I could pick up a controller. Through high school and college, I grew an interest in motion graphics and 3D design and animation (mainly for the video game and entertainment industry). This was my career interest early in life. I have competed in videogame tournaments and also participated in a focus group with IBM that studied extending videogame consoles into other areas such a home entertainment.

What are your plans beyond this site in gaming?

Right now, I’m just focusing on making GameVee the best gameplay video sharing community out there. In the future, I plan with the GameVee success and experience to launch other ventures in the emerging Web technology and computer graphics markets.

Have you worked with any of the other game development studios or companies in the Triangle?

No not yet, but we would love to. Hey, Epic Games, give me a call!