Tune in for a live webcast at noon on Wednesday, March 26 to watch a robot-assisted radical prostatectomy, a surgical technique for removal of the prostate.

Ashok Hemal, M.D. and director of the Robotic and Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery Program at Wake Forest Baptist will lead the procedure.

Urologists around the world follow surgical protocols initially established by Hemal for urologic robotic surgery. Radical prostatectomy is a less invasive treatment option for early-stage prostate cancer. Compared to traditional open surgery, it results in less blood loss and allows for quicker recovery. Prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer-related death in American men, is highly curable when diagnosed and treated early.

By capitalizing on the latest computer technology, surgeons make approximately five small incisions into the patient’s abdomen through which a lighted camera and robotic and laparoscopic instruments are inserted to give a three dimensional view at 10-fold magnification. Operating from a console, the surgeon maneuvers the robot’s miniaturized instruments to remove the cancerous prostate. Chances for preserving nerves, continence and sexual function are maximized.

A. Karim Kader, M.D., Ph.D., and Joseph Pettus, M.D., specialists in urologic oncology in the Department of Urology at Wake Forest Baptist, will narrate the procedure and take questions from Internet viewers. The webcast will also be archived on the Wake Forest Baptist website. To view this live webcast, follow the link listed with this story.

The Prostate Cancer Program at Wake Forest Baptist offers patients access to specialty-trained urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and clinical trials to provide them with the best treatment for their particular form of prostate cancer. Interested patients can make appointments by call (866) 511-1932.