Seeking to capitalize on growing public sensitivity to environmental concerns, Lenovo’s latest desktop PC is smaller than a phonebook, uses less power, emits fewer chemical emissions and uses less power.

The new ThinkCentre “Eco” M57/M57P was launched on Tuesday, and Lenovo touted the machine’s receipt of certification from the GreenGuard Environmental Institute. The “Eco” also is certified as energy efficient and even includes recycled plastics.

The Inquirer in the U.K. labeled the machine as “Recycled, ‘harmless,’ cheap to run.”

Carl Smith, the chief executive officer of the GreenGuard group, said the Eco is the first desktop machine to meet its emissions standards. Other Lenovo machines and the company’s environmental efforts have also been recognized by Greenpeace.

“Lenovo is leading the industry in its commitment to environmentally responsible computing,” Smith said in a statement. Greenguard has tested a wide variety of products and materials worldwide.

The Eco also is 25 percent smaller than other ThinkCentre desktops and is part of Lenovo’s efforts to capitalize on a growing demand for smaller machines. Citing statistics from research group IDC, Lenovo says “ultra small” desktop demand will increase by nearly 38 percent between 2008-2011.

“In addition to environmental responsibility our business customers have demanded more manageability and lower operating costs – all in a very small design,” said Fran O’Sullivan, senior vice president of products of Lenovo. She is based in Morrisville. “With the M57/M57P we raised the bar by developing a small, compact offering that provides the highest levels of manageability and security while operating with less power consumption and noise. This is Lenovo’s most energy efficient ThinkCentre ever.”

The Eco also is touted as the quietest ThinkCentre model yet produced.
However, the machine doesn’t lack features. It includes one-touch update or recovery from a virus, remote system maintenance capability, enhanced security and Intel Quad Core chip technology.
Eco models start as low as $379. A PC stand is available for $69.95. Monitors are sold separately.