Chesson Labs will gear up for its healthcare product launch with $3.3 million in new financing.

The deal comes just two months into the tenure of new Chief Executive Officer Scott Neuville, who joined Chesson as part of a management reorganization in January.

"This funding will allow us to continue to develop exciting products in several key strategic healthcare markets," Neuville said in a statement. "We appreciate the confidence shown by our investors and individuals in the medical community.”

The company did not identify the investors in the Series A round.

Neuville replaced David Terry, who was CEO and a co-founder of the firm. He left Chesson in December. Neuville recently left Qualyst, a developer of drug testing technology, as part of a management shakeup at that firm.

Chesson was formed in September 2006. It is in the process of developing a liquid skin bandage as well as other products focused on dermatitis and nail fungus. The firm licensed for medical products a patented polymer developed by RMI Polymers.

Neuville is the former chairman of the board and CEO of iBiomatics, a SAS company. iBiomatics was the first healthcare technology spin-off of SAS Institute, the worlds largest privately held software company. Neuville had led Qualyst since 2002.

Terry formed the company along with Jerry Chesson, who discovered the technology on which Chesson Labs is based.