Researchers at The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences will study the toxicity of a new jet fuel with $655,367 in funding through a federal grant.

Darol Dodd, director of toxicology and preclinical studies, will spearhead the research.

The work will be funded by the U.S. Navy Health Research Center.

The fuel to be examined is called Syntroleum S-8. It is refined from natural gas and does not include aromatic hydrocarbons.

“Dr. Dodd is an expert in the area of inhalation toxicology and has an excellent track record in conducting health-hazard assessments,” said The Hamner’s Chief Executive Officer, William Greenlee.

“Studying the toxicity of jet fuel is not only important to the health of our men and women in the armed forces, but to the health of the civilian population at large,” he added.