RTI International will provide Web-based training for forensic scientists under a two-year contract with the National Institute of Justice.

The contract is worth $1.5 million, according to a RTI spokesperson.

"Providing easily accessible continuing education is a big challenge currently in the forensic science community," said Peter Stout, a senior research forensic scientist at RTI. He also is the co-principal investigator for the project.

“This project is a great opportunity to address this challenge by leveraging the time and space reduction capability of the World Wide Web,” he added.

The training modules will be offered live and on demand.

RTI’s Center for Forensic Science is working with other business units to offer the program.

"One of RTI’s main strengths, from the client’s point of view, in the area of forensic science is our multi-disciplinary approach, which blends forensic science with social science and allows us to approach these problems from multiple perspectives," said Jeri Miller, the other co-principal investigator. She is a senior research analytical forensic toxicologist at RTI.

For additional information, visit the program’s