CHAPEL HILL – Eight developers of video game technology have signed on to be part of the technology partnership program launched by .

Emergent has a development operation in Chapel Hill and is owner of the game engine Gamebryo. The engine was developed in Chapel Hill by NDL, which is now part of Emergent.

The “Tech Connection” now includes AiLive, Allegorithmic, Anark, CRI Middleware, NaturalMotion, Kynogon, soVoz and Umbra.

Membership in the program enables developers to select various technology solutions.

“Emergent’s partnership program offers a modular approach to an integrated game production system,” Emergent President Scott Johnson said. “Our flexible and scalable framework allows leading middleware products to work together out-of-the-box helping us build out an ecosystem of service to the industry.”

AiLive offers LiveMove Pro, a program that recognizes any motion with a motion-sensitive controller such as those used with Nintendo’s Wii platform.

Allegorithmic’s ProFX program enables developers to render textures at much smaller size, thus enabling smaller games.

Anark developed GameFace, a user interface middleware solution.

CRI Middleware’s CRI Movie solution includes a wide variety of video tools that emphasize detail and quality.

Kynogon developed Kynapse, a tool for creation of 3D dynamic topology.

NaturalMotion created “morpheme,” which is tools for use in creation of animation.

soVoz is developer of ProScena Studio, which is used in creation of training and education scenarios.

Umbra is used in development of 3D content.