MORRISVILLE – Some online retailers, including Best Buy for Business, are taking pre-orders for Lenovo’s still unofficial laptop that will counter Apple’s thin, lightweight “Air.”

Web searches reveal that the ThinkPad X300 is available for pre-order.

However, while the X300 is said to be light in your hands, it won’t be light on your wallet. The price is around $2,600 or more.

Still, that’s several hundred dollars less than the much-hyped Air.

Lenovo has yet to announce the X300, but news about it leaked two weeks ago on a couple of Web sites. A Lenovo spokesperson told The Skinny earlier this week that a product launch is due at almost any time.

The fact that Best Buy for Business is taking pre-orders means Lenovo may unveil the X300 at any time.

The X300 price did not shock the writer who first wrote about the pre-orders.

“With the high-end specs and premium design of the X300, this price is no surprise though,” he wrote.

As The Skinny reported on Jan. 20, the X300 is loaded with top-end features including SSD, an emerging form of flash memory with no moving parts. Other features:

• The screen is backlit, enabling use in bright or dim conditions

• The processor is the Intel Santa Rosa Dual Core, the latest from the chip maker

• The memory is a whopping 64 gigabytes

• Up to 4 gigabytes of RAM should enable fast processing

• Battery life is up to four hours

Other standard Lenovo features include a fingerprint reader for security plus wireless capability (WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth).

For details about pre-ordering the X300, see the Web links with this blog.