Editor’s note: This article is part of WRAL Local Tech Wire’s highlighting of research at universities across the Carolinas and Georgia.

A new monthly publication called Duke Research isn’t exactly a magazine and it isn’t exactly a website — but it is online.

Created by Duke’s Office of News and Communication (ONC), the periodical website and email newsletter highlights the personalities and projects that have helped Duke become one of the nation’s largest research universities. Its coverage will range from biomedical and engineering advances to studies of global climate change, gun violence and consumer behavior. Readers will meet students and faculty engaged on the cutting edge of many fields.

The site also offers concise navigation to important research resources around the campus, becoming a new "front door" for Duke’s research activities.

"This addresses a need we’ve been talking about for several years by providing an attractive way to tell our best research stories, and serving as a portal for people to connect more easily with Duke’s research " said James Siedow, vice provost for research.

Because it’s on the web, Duke Research goes beyond the traditional model of university research magazines to include short videos, slide shows and other interactive features, as well as opportunities for readers to discuss the stories in a public forum.

The heart of the on-line magazine is a "voices" section, which features blogs from the Duke campus, reader-generated interviews with Duke experts, a sampling of the discussions being posted by readers, and a section where interested “data junkies” can graph and analyze the actual data from Duke research teams.

Readers of Duke Research can subscribe to a monthly email featuring the new table of contents, or to one of several RSS feeds about new material on the site.

The inaugural issue of Duke Research features a colorful story about the new ways researchers are using visualization techniques to help them see difficult data or capture nature at its smallest scales. Other features include a profile of Marine Lab director Cindy Van Dover, colorful slide shows, several videos, and a new Duke Research blog by science writer Tom Burroughs.

Duke Research was several years in the making, a process that included extensive interviews and needs assessment with people across the campus community.

Design and programming for the site were performed by Blackwell Interactive, the web services group of Duke’s Office of Information Technology. Content and production will be provided by the Office of News and Communication, in close partnership with other communicators across the Duke campus.