SAS is working with greeting cards giant Hallmark to expand and improve its relationships with customers.

The companies announced the expansion of a long-standing relationship at the National Retail Federation show on Monday in New York.

Hallmark is expanding its use of SAS’ business intelligence (BI) server product in an attempt to gain better understanding of customer actions and decision making.

“Hallmark has been on a marketing transformation path for some time now with a foundation in fact-based marketing analytics,” said Jay Dittmann, Hallmark’s vice president of marketing strategy. “We needed to gain access to complex information more quickly to better understand our business and enhance the support we provide to the rest of the corporation. SAS BI Server is critical for us to get closer to that information fast.”

SAS is working with Hallmark to deliver analytics-based information in a self-service format through a common interface. The new process avoids compiling of information into spreadsheets.

“Our team can perform marketing analytics at a more granular level without additional internal technology help,” Dittmann said. “The time saved frees up our team up to undertake more complex, sophisticated analyses that are essential for helping us understand sales trends and consumer shopping behavior in the marketplace across our channels of distribution.”

Other SAS BI Server customers include AutoZone, Brooks Brothers, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Office Depot and Staples.

The Hallmark announcement was one of several SAS made at the trade show. For more news, see the SAS Web link.