Editor’s note: Emily Price of the WRAL Newschannel and a published technology blogger is covering the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas for WRAL.com and WRAL Local Tech Wire. Watch for her reports.

LAS VEGAS – Lenovo, which is targeting the global consumer market for computer sales, has several new laptops on display at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The new IdeaPad Notebooks are powered by Intel Centrino processors and have a variety of exciting new features, including Dolby Home Theatre surround sound and gaming controls as well as frameless screens and touch-sensitive controls.

"Our ThinkPad notebooks are well-known around the world as the best engineered computer for business – for quality, reliability and thoughtful design," Liu Jun, senior vice president and president of the Consumer Business Group for Lenovo, said in a statement. "We’re now bringing Lenovo’s expertise in design and engineering to consumers with our Idea-branded PCs. We are confident we will grow our consumer business by blending innovative technologies like facial recognition with stylish designs to enhance the way people use technology in their personal lives."

The face-recognition software on these laptops is really an interesting addition. The IdeaPad laptops use VeriFace Face Recognition software in conjunction with the laptop’s built-in camera to allow users to make their face their password to log into their computer or to launch specific applications.

The IdeaPad line includes three new laptops. The IdeaPad Y710, Y510 and U110. The Y710 is a 17-inch widescreen laptop designed for gaming. The Y510 is a 15.4-inch laptop designed for everything from photo and video editing to basic word processing. The IdeaPad U110 is a 11-inch-screen, 2.3-pound laptop designed for portability.

The U100 is expected to be available in April. The Y510 starts at $799 and the Y710 at $1,199.

Lenovo’s Mysterious Handheld

Cnet, meanwhile, reported about what it called a mysterious handheld device from Lenovo.

“No one – not even the PR people for Lenovo – could give me specific details,” wrote Eric Ogg “All they could say was that it is available in China, its home market, only.”

He noted that the device was packed with numerous features, from GPS to music, but added that there was “no word” on its availability in the North America market.

Music to Go: Sony’s Rolly Dancing Music Player

One unique item found at the Sony booth this year is it’s new Rolly. The Rolly is a device that allows you to listen to your music wherever you are.

The egg shaped device has 2GB of flash memory and can hold 520 songs. The device plays back those songs through 180-degree opposed stereo speakers and can also perform choreographed dance moves that you teach it using your PC. Look for Rolly to reach stores this spring.

“Rolly is the latest example of Sony’s expertise in entertainment and technology,” said Steve Haber, senior vice president of the Digital Imaging and Audio Division at Sony Electronics. “This isn’t just another gadget; the Rolly is a sophisticated piece of entertainment technology.”