Henry Kaestner, co-founder and chief executive officer of fast-growing Bandwidth.com, says the firm has aggressive growth in mind for 2008 – and beyond. On Tuesday, the privately held provider of telecommunications and related services put a key piece of that plan in place by luring Matthew Petzold away from Motricity.

Petzold, the chief financial officer at the Durham-based provider of mobile content and technology, will take a similar position at Bandwidth,com.

“We have been searching for the right person for a year and a half. We mapped out who the ideal candidate would be, and that is Matthew,” Kaestner said.

“We needed someone to help take us from 130 people to 10,000 people, from $60 million in run rate to a couple of billion. Matthew understands the business, telecommunications and finances well, and he’s committed to North Carolina.

“He fits well with our culture, which we feel is a major reason for our growth and success. We also got the person who has raised money. He’s done all of what we need.”

Petzold’s departure from Motricity comes just months after he helped put together $180 million in financing. Those funds were used in part to buy the mobile business unit of InfoSpace for $135 million. The new funding deal included billionaire Carl Ichan as an investor.

Before joining Motricity, Petzold was CFO at Verestar, a satellite and fiber network solutions provider. Earlier in his career he was CFO at UUnet, an Internet Services Provider. He has more than 20 years of telecommunications and Internet related experience.

Bandwidth.com employs more than 130 employees, is profitable, and offers Voice over Internet Protocol-based services across the U.S. it also provides managed network services. Bandwidth.com works with businesses.

The hiring of Petzold should not be seen as a sign that Bandwidth.com either has plans to raise more money or go public through a stock offering, Kaestner said.

“We wanted to find someone who has had great success in raising money should we decide to go that route,” he explained, noting that Petzold had helped raise more than $500 million at Motricity and UUnet. “It is not essential for us to raise money. We are profitable.

“Over the next year, we are not going to need money to hire another 100 people. That can come from operations,” Kaestner explained. “At the same time we want to be a leader in the $60 billion market, and there may be opportunities where we need additional money.”

Bandwidth.com could look to make acquisitions as part of that growth strategy as well, he added. The firm was launched in 1999. It has facilities in several key Internet hub facilities across the United States as well as sales offices in Pittsburgh and Seattle.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Bandwidth.com at this time of high growth and increased service offerings,” Petzold said in a statement. “I look forward to adding my experience and expertise and becoming a key part in achieving increased revenue and profitability.”