RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – In these days of hyper this and hyper that, videoconferencing and business on the go, one company just says “No” and pleads for more face-to-face contact.

In an ad appearing in the latest edition of the Harvard Business Review, the firm says the time has come to return to business over lunch, not the Net.

“Your are cordially invited
To cancel lunch with your laptop
And broker a deal over something
Truly wireless.

Namely a white tablecloth,
Dry aged Porterhouses
And single-malt scotch.

Let’s reinstate the three-hour lunch.
And stop using blackberry as a verb
Until one day, we’ll mute our ring tone
And do business eye-to-eye.

Civilization: 1

Video-conference industry: 0

The company?

The Capital Grill, which promises “We wine. We dine.”

Personally, The Skinny thinks this is a great ad. Business in many ways has become much too in-personal, done long distance via a variety of technologies from BlackBerries to Cisco’s latest videoconferencing technology that truly is a marvel.

The Skinny’s not sure about the “single malt.” The closest I have come to one of those is reading about assassin John Rain in the Barry Eisler novels. The steak, however, sounds good.

As for a three-hour lunch – well, maybe 90 minutes will do.