People wanting to fly nonstop to Los Angeles from Raleigh-Durham International Airport won’t have that option as of Jan. 8.

Delta Airlines is terminating the once-daily serve to Los Angeles from RDU as of Monday. Delta launched the service last June.

“Delta is discontinuing its nonstop service to LAX,” said RDU spokesperson Mindy Hamlin. But she added that Delta hasn’t closed the door on resuming the flight, which departed in the evening. Delta cited increased fuel costs as one of the reasons for the cancellation.

“The airline has indicated that it will re-evaluate the service to LAX in June and may reinstate it,” Hamlin said.

In the meantime, RDU will seek to replace the L.A. connection.

“RDU continues to work with airlines to provide them information on cities for which statistics show the RDU market could support new or more nonstop service,” Hamlin said. “Nonstop West Coast service continues to be a priority for RDU.

“In our most recent air service study, the West Coast appeared twice in the top three list of cities without nonstop service that could be supported by the RDU market,” she added. “The two markets were Los Angeles and San Francisco.”