RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Over the past couple of weeks, The Skinny asked for feedback from you about what improvements and changes you would like to see in our Web site.

We need more of your suggestions – for changes, for additions, yes, perhaps even deletions.

For example, one reader wrote to say venture capital is of no interest to him and that he believes LTW should pay less attention to financing.

What do you think?

Please take time to e-mail me your thoughts and suggestions. The Skinny will listen.

The e-mail address is

Speak now or … well, if you don’t and your needs, gripes or wants are left unaddressed then you have only yourself to blame.

As The Skinny wrote last week, Local Tech Wire has always paid attention to its readers since this venture was launched in January of 2002.

• How can we make LTW more valuable and essential to you as a source for news and information?

• What kind of news are we not providing that you want/need?

• What news are we providing that you find of little or no value?

• Would you like more commentary about trends and issues in the technology, life science and venture capital/finance industries?

• How can we improve the stories that we already present?

• Would you like more executive profiles?

• If so, would you prefer these to be done in a question-and-answer format?

• Would you like more company profiles?

• How can we improve the video interviews and commentaries that we offer?

Please send me your thoughts. I assure you they will be considered quite carefully as we make plans for 2008 and beyond.