Scott Neuville is out as chief executive officer at Qualyst, Local Tech Wire learned Thursday.

A top exec at the firm confirmed Neuville’s departure in a brief phone interview Thursday.

“The only information is that Scott is not here,” said Mark Sedam, the chief business officer for Qualyst. “That’s the only comment we have.”

Sedam would not comment whether a replacement had been named for Neuville.

Neuville is the former chairman of the board and CEO of iBiomatics, a SAS company. iBiomatics was the first healthcare technology spin-off of SAS Institute, the worlds largest privately held software company. Neuville had led Qualyst since 2002.

Qualyst, which recently moved its headquarters to Raleigh from Chapel Hill, was launched in 2001. The privately held firm closed on $2.75 million in Series B financing last year. Details about the investment, such as who participated in the deal, were not disclosed. A third round of investment reportedly was underway.

Earlier this year, Qualyst announced plans to add staff and space following its decision to offer a drug testing product in the form of a kit.

Qualyst, which employs around 15 people, utilizes technology licensed from the University of North Carolina. It tracks absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicology, or ADMET, in the body.

The company, which is privately held, has several international drug company clients.

The new kits will include B-CLEAR, an ADMET product that can help companies track reactions to drugs.