Time Warner Cable will build a new $35 million headquarters building for its Eastern North Carolina Division in Morrisville, the company said Monday.

The four-story structure will include 160,000 square feet.

“This will allow us to move our people under one roof, and that certainly make us more efficient,” said Brad Phillips, vice president for government and public affairs.

Currently Time Warner has employees spread among three buildings near Raleigh Durham International Airport. “To maneuver back and forth between buildings required a lot of travel time,” Phillips said. “Moving everybody together certainly make life a lot easier.”

Time Warner will build the structure on a 17-acre site that currently is vacant, Phillips said. Groundbreaking is scheduled earlier next year, and Time Warner expects to occupy the structure in 2009. The building will be located near the global headquarters for PC manufacturer Lenovo.

The new headquarters will not have any impact on payment centers. “Those are for customer convenience,” Phillips said.

The Eastern North Carolina division now numbers some 2,500 people and covers Time Warner operations from the Triangle area to Wilmington.

Time Warner considered “several locations throughout the Triangle area” for the headquarters, Phillips added. Time Warner will own the structure, he added.

No new jobs are being created at this time, but Phillips said numbers could change in the future.

“That will be determined by growth in the business,” he said of a potential headcount increase.

The Staubach Company is working with Time Warner on the project.