Wireless phone users with access to Sprint’s mobile TV network can now receive live TV broadcasts through technology developed by News Over Wireless, a Capitol Broadcasting company.

News Over Wireless aired video provided by WRAL TV’s NewsChannel on Monday night when WRAL hosted its annual tower lighting ceremony with Christmas lights.

The venture, which works with more than 80 TV station affiliates around the country to deliver specially formatted video, text and graphics to mobile devices, created the application that enabled the live broadcast.

Live video is the latest offering from News Over Wireless, a part of Capitol Broadcasting’s CBC New Media Group. Affiliates deliver news, sports and other information on demand to subscribers to various wireless networks.

The live video capability is available over Sprint and its “My Local TV” channel.

News Over Wireless works with other networks to deliver on-demand content.

“The tower lighting made for a unique event, but this really provides a venue to deliver breaking news to viewers on the go,” said Sam Matheny, general manager of News Over Wireless. “WRAL pushed us for this innovative and important technology and we plan to make it available to all our station affiliates in the coming year.”

WRAL plans to use the live capability for breaking news, weather and other information.

“Reaching our viewers with live breaking news on their mobile phones presents an exciting opportunity,” said Rick Gall, WRAL’s News Director. “Our partnership with News Over Wireless enables us to deliver news and information to viewers whenever and wherever they need it.”