What roles serious games, virtual worlds, social networks and other advanced technologies can play in work force training will be the subject of the first Advanced Learning Technologies Summit.

The conference is set for Dec. 11-12 in Cary.

Among the companies supporting the event is Virtual Heroes, an RTP firm focused on serious games and simulation technology.

Speakers include:

Ben Sawyer, co-founder of DigitalMill and founder of the Serious Games Initiative, Games for Health, and Games for Change

Doug Harward, chief executive officer of The Exceleration Group, founder of trainingindustry.com and trainingoutsourcing.com

Karl Kapp, professor of instructional technology at Bloomsburg University and writer and expert on the convergence of learning, technology and business operations

Anne Murphy, executive director of the Digital Promise Project, a coalition that has developed ground-breaking legislation for digital support of education.

Conference attendees will receive wireless response pads through which they can provide real-time feedback and participate in the conference. The American Research Institute will provide the pads.