Emergent Game Technologies is launching an academic program to provide college students hands-on experience and training with its game development engine and related technologies.

Emergent’s Gamebryo game engine, which was developed in Chapel Hill by NDL, is one of the most popular engines in the interactive game industry. Emergent acquired NDL and maintains a large operation in North Carolina.

The focus of the program is in two areas: a teaching alliance and a research alliance.

Among the universities working with Emergent is North Carolina State.

“Working with Emergent has opened up the possibilities for our students and already led us to embark on ambitious new projects, including the expansion of our Digital Games Research Center,” said R. Michael Young, Director Liquid Narrative Research Group, Department of Computer Science, at NCSU. “Getting access to the best tools and technologies used within for-profit development houses today gives our students a significant head start both in the lab and after graduation.”

For more information, click on the “Academic” tab at the Emergent Web site.