The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences will work with the Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to improve how the EPA evaluates chemicals for toxicology and human health risks.

The Hamner, which was formerly known as the Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology before changing its name earlier this year, signed a one-year agreement wit the National Center for Computational Toxicology.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Research will focus on a ToxCast program developed by the EPA center.

The Hamner and the NCCT will integrate biochemical and cellular assays in computational models to model how the chemicals move through the human body. Results of the project are expected to help shape a National Academy of Sciences report for toxicity testing.

“The Hamner’s collaboration with the EPA provides a vital opportunity to leverage the expertise and effort from both institutions to develop more predictive methods for evaluating a large number of chemicals for potential toxicity to humans than the current hazard identification approaches based on high doses in rodents,” said William Greenlee, The Hamner’s chief executive officer.