Argos Therapeutics has licensed away some of its technology to Therakos, a company owned by Johnson & Johnson.

Financial terms were not disclosed. However, Argos described the deal as providing “non-dilutive financial resources.” Argos is privately held.

Therakos is licensing technology related to part of the immune system known as regulatory T cells. Argos is focused on other technology related to the immune system related.

“The licensing agreement with Therakos will enable accelerated development of an asset outside our primary focus, while providing Argos with non-dilutive financial resources,” said John Bonfiglio, Argos’ chief executive officer.

“This transaction further demonstrates our ability to leverage Argos’ leading immunotherapy science both through our own programs as well as through collaborations with select corporate partners. Argos continues to advance its proprietary portfolio of immunotherapies for indications such as cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders and transplantation,” Bonfiglio wrote.

Regulatory T cells help control the immune system and help prevent autoimmune diseases.

In April, Argos which recently received a $21 million grant for HIV research, has raised $5 million in debt financing to help pay for ongoing clinical trials.

Silicon Valley Bank and Oxford Finance Corporation are providing the funding through a three-year agreement.

Argos has several clinical trials underway, a Phase II for renal cell carcinoma, a Phase I and II for a form of leukemia and a Phase I for an HIV and cancer immunotherapy therapy.

The HIV candidate is a personalized treatment based on an individual’s dendritic cells, which are part of the immune system.