Nortel is teaming up with IBM to make a variety of communications services available through service-oriented architecture, or SOA, and Web services.

By enabling rapid deployment of various applications in a software-based environment, Nortel believes clients can integrate business applications more quickly, reduce capital expenditures and cut operational costs.

Nortel also is working on a package of services with Microsoft but said Wednesday that the IBM-based package would not be competition for that partnership.

“Businesses today are faced with too much complexity as they work to provide real time access to information and people across a growing number of devices and applications," said Joel Hackney, who recently was promoted to president for enterprise solutions at Nortel. Hackney had been the top executive for Nortel’s campus in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

The “Communications Enablement Strategy” is built around IBM’s WebSphere Application Server. Nortel will augment the offering with a variety of support services. The network communications gear maker is targeting enterprise and network users.

According to Network World, Nortel also has plans to launch early next year a software platform that will operate across networks supported by multiple vendors.