Peter Benton, interim chief operating officer at etrials Worldwide since July, was officially named full-time to the post on Thursday.

etrials (Nasdaq: ETWC) is a provider of clinical trial related services and technology.

Benton was brought in as part of a management shakeup at the company in May when Chip Jennings replaced founding CEO John Cline.

“Having brought Peter on board to overhaul our operations and drive service excellence, I am extremely pleased that he has decided to take this pivotal role as we transform etrials into a more responsive, client-driven organization,” Jennings said in a statement.

“Peter has, in the past few months, already made great strides improving the company’s service delivery process,” Jennings added. “His focus on the customer and bottom-line results will be instrumental in achieving enhanced performance going forward.”

Benton has more than 20 years of management experience in the life science industry.