Editor’s note: The RTP Product Pipeline is a new feature for WRAL Local Tech Wire. Its purpose is to help entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators and inventors better understand the product commercialization process. Montie Roland and Thomas Vass are co-founders of The RTP Product Development Guild, Inc. Their column appears weekly.

The term "fuzzy front" end is used by product design professionals to denote the product definition stage of the project.
You work out some of the basic details of where you want to head and where you want to be at the end of the project.

We’re worried much more about who we are marketing to, what kind of product do we want, what are the needs we want to meet, looking at the distributor – the whole food chain of the product.

The point is to develop a clear vision for the product. Then we want to see if that vision matches up with the marketplace.

This important stage in product development is often neglected. In this podcast we’ll talk about what the "fuzzy front end" is and why it is important.

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