Confidant International, a provider of mobile communications solutions for use in chronic disease management, is teaming up with MeadWestvaco Health & Beauty for a medication management project.

The program is designed to help patients, doctors and caregivers electronically manage medications.

The solution is for prescription drugs. It is designed to record prescription data in real time, including how often a patient takes medications and adherence to dosage recommendations.

“As new developments and technologies are made available, the role and function of pharmaceutical packaging should adapt to incorporate them,” said Todd Huffman, director of Consumer Solution Technology at MeadWestvaco. “By leveraging Confidant’s mobile solutions, we are able to uphold MeadWestvaco’s commitment to making our packaging engaging, easy-to-use and prescription adherence-focused. Incorporating the mobile phone is the next step in the evolution of electronic adherence packaging.”

The companies expect to begin offering services early next year.

“Applying innovative technology to improve disease management is Confidant’s top priority,” said Thomas Wall, the firm’s vice president of business development and marketing. “By entering in this joint development agreement with MeadWestvaco, we will be able to broaden the application of our mobile phone technology. This is an opportunity to reach out to new audiences and improve the lives of patients relying on medication to take control of their health.”

MeadWestvaco offers packaging for a wide variety of health goods from over-the-counter goods to generic drugs and medical devices.

Confidant utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to gather information from home medical devices such as glucose meters and blood pressure measurement devices and relays information over mobile phones.