Ralph Steinman, a scientific founder of Argos Therapeutics, has received a research award from the Albert Lasker Foundation.

The Lasker Foundation, which is based in New York, has recognized discoveries in clinical and basic research and public service since 1944.

Steinman received the Lasker Award for basic Medical Research. He was recognized for his discovery of dendritic cells, which are a key element of the body’s immune system.

Argos, which received a $21 million National Institutes of Health contract last year for HIV research, is developing personalized immunotherapy technology based on stimulation of the body’s immune system. One of its targets is a treatment for HIV. The company has raised more than $53 million in venture capital.

“We are pleased that Dr. Steinman’s important discovery has been recognized by the Lasker Foundation, due to its impact on the field of immunology and the clinical promise that dendritic cells hold,” said Charles Nicolette, chief scientific officer at Argos. “His collaboration with Argos on our National Institutes of Health contract for the development of novel dendritic cell-based HIV immunotherapy candidates has provided us with his extensive expertise in this field, and we are grateful for his significant contributions.”

Argos is currently conducting trials in HIV, renal cell carcinoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

“This prestigious award is a testament to Dr. Steinman’s revolutionary research and provides strong validation for Argos’ dendritic cell-based approach to autologous immunotherapy and its broad applicability to infectious disease and cancer,” said Argos Chief Executive Officer John Bonfiglio.

Steinman is a professor at Rockefeller University and a physician at Rockefeller University Hospital. A cell biologist, Steinman focuses his research on the immune system. He earned his medical degree at Harvard University.