The Georgia Tech Information Security Center will host its annual security summit on Oct. 2 at the Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center.

Topics include emerging cybersecurity threats and countermeasures.

“While the information security community continues to make great strides in making technology users safe from known cyber vulnerabilities and attacks, new and more sophisticated security threats continue to emerge on a regular basis, posing an increased risk to consumer and enterprise Internet users,” said Mustaque Ahamad, director of the GTISC.

“This year’s summit on emerging cyber threats and countermeasures will be an important forum for leading executives and experts across all areas of the information security spectrum to come together and examine new threats, their potential risks, and possible solutions that can help minimize the damage that could be caused by new attacks in the future," he added.

Executives from Google, National Security Agency, IBM Internet Security Systems, McAfee, Secure Computing, SPI Dynamics and Symantec are scheduled to speak.

Vint Cerf, one of the founders of the Internet and chief Internet evangelist at Google, is the keynote speaker.