To promote the new game, Microsoft teamed up with Hollywood creature designer Stan Winston to create a short film marketing campaign called "Museum," which is now available on Yahoo!

The campaign experience does not focus on Halo 3’s graphics or gameplay, but instead looks at the themes that lie at the heart of the tale that spans the entire Halo trilogy: duty, sacrifice, and heroism.

The short films feature models from New Deal Studios, which worked on 300, Spider-Man 3 and Superman Returns.

The central element that much of the integrated marketing campaign centers on is a painstakingly accurate replication of a key moment from a climactic battle set in the Halo universe. At over 1200 square feet, reaching a height over 12 feet above the ground and with each handcrafted human and Covenant figure standing eight to twelve inches high, the diorama was large enough to fill an entire studio.

The story of the diorama and the battle that day has been told through films that will be shown in 27 countries around the world on television, in cinema and on the web. But the Halo 3 experience is much larger than that, with future testimonial films depicting soldiers’ third-party accounts of their experience in the battles, and with the hero that is Master Chief.

As part of the integrated campaign, an innovative web experience has been created that enables consumers to interact with and explore every part of the climactic battle in minute detail. Beyond the TV, cinema and print efforts, the site is also supported by an online advertising campaign that starts the conversation with the consumer and a branded channel on YouTube that helps to position Master Chief as the biggest hero in history.