Allied Telecom Group will use gear from Hatteras Networks as part of its effort to roll out Ethernet-based services in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. market, the companies said Thursday.

Financial details were not disclosed.

Hatteras Networks provides solutions to enable copper-based infrastructure to support fast Ethernet services.

Allied chose Hatteras Network’s “Mid-Band Ethernet” solution after an extensive trial involving several different providers.

“The Hatteras Networks Mid-Band Ethernet platform enables us to create a service-rich Ethernet product offering tailored to the specific needs of our business customers,” said Ken Williams, founder and chief executive officer at Allied Telecom Group. “With Hatteras Networks equipment, we can greatly expand our addressable market for high-performance business-class Ethernet services over any other solution available on the market today.”

Allied Telecom will offer between 2 and 90 megabits per second service to business customers.