Reignmaker Communications, a provider of hosted voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, has landed $5.3 million in new financing.

Jones, Byrd & Atkisson, an investment banking firm, provided the capital.

The funds will be used to build out a nationwide network, according to Reignmaker.

Reignmaker offers a hosted PBX (private branch exchange) service that aims tor educe businesses’ telecommunication costs.

"In the competitive Hosted PBX market, Reignmaker stands out – not just in terms of its long-standing success in the market, but also in terms of its vision for the future of the industry and its potential leadership position within it," said Ronald Attkisson, president of Jones, Byrd & Attkisson. "We’re especially impressed with Reignmaker’s ability, based on its advanced IP platforms, to expand into new and exciting services without having to change the framework of its hosted PBX network."

Reignmaker offers service in more than 400 countries. It was launched in 1996.