Lenovo is rolling out a new large 22-inch monitor this fall that it touts as an industry first.

The widescreen ultra eXtended graphics array, or WUXGA, monitor supports high-definition and is the “highest resolution of any monitor” in that size, according to the PC manufacturer, which has its headquarters in Morrisville.

When it hits the shelves in November, the monitor will sell for $550.

Called the ThinkVision L22x Wide, the monitor tilts and swivels and also has four USB ports for connecting to peripherals.

The ThinkVision monitor was disclosed this week along with a new line of desktop PCs that feature the Intel Active Management Technology (vPro) for greater enterprise management of PCs. The ThinkCentre M57 desktops includes the new Intel Core 2 Quad quad-core processors. The management technology also integrates with recently released ThinkPad notebooks.

"Intel is driving vPro. We build on top of those features,” Stephen Balog, Lenovo’s ThinkVantage product manager, told CMP’s ChannelWeb. “But we also work with the enterprise management consoles out there, like LANDesk, taking them and identifying the key areas where we can drive cost under the ownership models.”

While Lenovo has launched new initiatives focused on consumer and small-business sales worldwide, the M57 line is geared for large enterprise sales. Large corporate purchases were the primary sales driver for the IBM PC division which Lenovo acquired two years ago.

“Large corporate customers are telling us that manageability and security are essential factors when purchasing PCs for their organization,” said Dilip Bhatia, executive director of global desktop marketing for Lenovo, in a statement. “The new ThinkCentre desktops provide users the latest technologies along with the solutions that IT managers need to manage and to secure a fleet of hundreds or thousands of PCs.”

Lenovo is incorporating the Intel management capabilities with its own ThinkVantage Technologies for PC management. The Intel solution enables PCs to be managed remotely even if the operating system or hard drive is inoperable or the PC is turned off.

The M57 and M57p models will sell for $821 and $1,021 respectively. The PCs will be available in October.

Lask week, Lenovo announced a new desktop machine that is the size of a sheet of standard paper and is only 3 inches thick.