Siemens Medical Solutions is teaming up with RTP-based Xintek for a joint venture targeting development of new imaging technology.

Xintek is a spinout from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The new company, called XinRay Systems, will be based in RTP.

Financial terms for the joint venture were not disclosed.

XinRay will seek to develop new tubes for use in X-ray devices based on Xintek technology. The companies believe new X-ray tubes would lead to development of new diagnostic imaging systems that have improved performance and additional capabilities.

"Siemens has a long, proud history as a leader in the development of X-ray sources for various imaging applications," said Peter Schardt, who leads research and development at Siemens Medical. "Through our joint venture with Xintek we look forward to adding another chapter in our history of innovation by further advancing X-ray with the incorporation of breakthrough nanotechnologies."

The two companies have been working together for two years.