SAS is rolling out a new product designed to coordinate interactive marketing across a variety of channels.

Called SAS Real-Time Decision Manager, the solution will ship in December.

Decision Manager is designed to personalize a user’s experience by combining all available customer information and using SAS Analytics to determine a specific response for that customer.

Key features, according to SAS, include:

  • “Make a recommendation on a customer’s eligibility to receive a particular offer.
  • “Score a customer’s propensity to buy a certain item.
  • “Calculate a customer’s credit worthiness based on the latest transactional information.”

“According to Peppers & Rogers Group, as much as 50 percent of the customer decision-making process takes place in real time,” said Jeff Levitan, general manager for SAS Customer Intelligence. “An analytical approach to making those decisions has been proven to drive far greater value than any other approach, the ability to do this in real-time at the point of contact will drive immediate business value.”