Emergent Technologies is licensing its Gamebryo game development technology to Winking Entertainment, a company based in China.

The deal is part of Emergent’s drive to increase its business presence in the growing interactive game market in China.

Emergent, which is based in California, operates a major development office in Chapel Hill. The Gamebryo game engine was developed by NDL in Chapel Hill, a company Emergent acquired.

Emergent’s revenues in China have grown nearly 900 percent over the past 18 months.

Winking is developing massively multiplayer online games for a variety of international customers. It also was among the first Chinese companies to secure development licenses for Playtstaion 2 and Xbox 360 platforms.

“China’s game developers are becoming ever more competitive in skill and technological know-how,” said Geoffrey Selzer, the top executive for Emergent’s operations in China. “Our world-class tools and efficiencies in cross-platform and online development will help Chinese companies like Winking drive more innovation and greater cost efficiencies into their pipeline, and build their technological competitiveness with other regions.”