DULUTH, Ga. – DataPath, a provider of satellite and wireless networks, is teaming up with Qualcomm to develop an integrated satellite and cellular communications solution.

Qualcomm, one of the world’s leading wireless technology firms, and DataPath will focus on a solution that supports satellite communications and a cellular base station. The station would support up to 150 simultaneous users.

Voice, video and data services would be supported. Cell phones, personal data assistants and laptop computers could connect to the system.

DataPath and Qualcomm said the solution would be designed fur use in battlefield communications and where natural disasters have occurred.

The solution includes a Qualcomm deployable base station and DataPath’s satellite transportable terminal. The DataPath terminal is already used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps.

DataPath recently won a nearly $8 million contract for satellite base stations to be used by the U.S. Central Command.