RALEIGH – Clearwire Corporation, a provider of wireless Internet access and related services, is teaming with ICO Global Communications o a trial for two-way mobile video services.

The cities of Raleigh and Las Vegas were picked for the trials. The Triangle-area test is planned to start early next year.

The Raleigh/Triangle market is one of the newest in the nationwide network being built by Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR). The company is based in Kirkland, Wash. It offers services in 16 states, Mexico and in Europe.

ICO (Nasdaq: ICOG), a provider of satellite services, is based in Reston, Va. It has been developing advanced hybrid system, combining satellite and terrestrial communications capabilities to deliver wireless voice, data, video, and Internet services on mobile and portable devices

The companies plan to explore a blend of satellite and terrestrial wireless networks. They tout the offering as a “mobile triple play” that would offer video, data and voice service.

“Our next generation wireless personal broadband networks are built to deliver data, voice and video over a single network,” said Scott Richardson, the chief strategy officer for Clearwire. “Working with ICO to trial an interactive mobile video element that can potentially enhance our service offering not only in areas where we don’t intend to build our own network, but that can also potentially enhance the use of infrastructure and spectrum where our coverage overlaps, makes a lot of sense.”

Clearwire does offer Internet-based phone service in some markets.

“Mobile two-way video, advanced interactive navigation, plus emergency calling and messaging becomes an even more compelling value proposition when integrated with a wireless broadband network such as Clearwire’s,” said Tim Bryan, chief executive officer at ICO. “We are well positioned to be the first provider of next-generation mobile satellite services, and we have a clearly differentiated offering by leveraging integrated satellite and terrestrial networks to deliver advanced consumer mobility services.”

ICO has both satellite and terrestrial wireless network capabilities.

Alcatel-Lucent will design the system architecture, and Hughes Network Systems will provide devices for the network.