Icarus Studios is using IBM servers and storage technology as it continues development of its new game “Fallen Earth.”

The title is a massive multiplayer online role-playing (MMOG) “world” set in the year 2154. Icarus is demonstrating Fallen Earth at the Austin Game Developers Conference this week in Austin, Texas.

"Icarus and Fallen Earth are relying on IBM systems along with technology from several IBM Business Partners including Aria Systems, Vivox, and OGSI for the development of Fallen Earth," said Jim Hettinger, the chief executive officer at Icarus. "IBM brings deep gaming industry knowledge and an understanding of our business model. IBM also brought in the right business partners to provide stability and reduce risk around scale, support and management of the critical launch of a new MMOG like Fallen Earth."

Icarus was one of several MMOG-focused companies that announced Thursday they were using IBM servers and other technology. Others include CCP Games, Cheyenne Mountain and Codemasters.

The companies are using BladeServer and System x hardware running IBM X-Architecture software.