Two researchers at Georgia Tech University cracked the Technology Review magazine’s top innovators under the age of 35 list known as TR35.

Karen Lin and Xudong Wang were selected from more than 300 nominees by the magazine, which is published by MIT.

Liu is working in the area of using computer-generated character animation and autonomous control and realistic human motion.

“Dr. Liu’s highly regarded work simulating human movement will be key to Georgia Tech’s contributions to the field of digital entertainment,” said Aaron Bobick, chair of the School of Interactive Computing at Tech. “She has just started her career here after moving from the University of Southern California, and we couldn’t be more pleased that she is already making such an impact.”

Wang is involved in nanotechnology research, including alignment of nanowires and nanodevice integration. He and fellow researchers recently developed a nanogenerator that converted ambient wave/vibration energy into electricity.

“This is a major step toward a portable, adaptable and cost-effective technology for powering in-vivo nanosensors, MEMS and wireless nanosensors,” said Professor Zhong Lin (Z.L.) Wang. “Xudong has been very creative in developing this prototype and demonstrating its potential applications, which is the most remarkable advance in my group’s research in the last few years. He is very deserving of this honor.”