RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Is Rupert Murdoch a modern day Attila the Hun or Media Pioneer?

Murdoch’s $5 billion deal to take over the Wall Street Journal is creating a lot of fear and anger among some journalists.

I almost worked for Murdoch once.

Twenty-five years ago I went to work for the Buffalo Courier Express.

Four days after I started, the newspaper announced it would close. Now that’s having an impact.

Murdoch offered to buy ithe newspaper. However the deal required major changes, including a one third cut in employees.

The paper’s unions said no, and a few weeks later the paper shut its doors.

A recent story in Buffalo reported that some Courier Express veterans are proud that they said no to Rupert.

That’s too bad. Murdoch just might have saved it.

I wish he had gotten a chance

After all, I wasn’t even in town long enough to see Niagara Falls.