Swisscom IT Services, a subsidiary of the largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland, is using a wide variety of solutions from Red Hat for its Linux software infrastructure.

Swisscom is using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Cluster Suite, JBoss Enterprise Platform and other Red Hat offerings in multiple data centers. It provides outsourcing information technology services to more than 50 customers.

Swisscom IT’s infrastructure includes 70 SAP, 40 oracle, 90 Web and 100 application servers. Red Hat’s Cluster Suite is used for 20 nodes that operate server clusters. Swisscom IT also has embraced virtualization technology offered by Red Hat that enables servers to operate multiple operating systems.

The firm is building a cluster of servers employing JBoss applications as virtual machines. JBoss is a Red Hat subsidiary. It deployed Red Hat and JBoss as part of what it calls “simply managed Linux,” or SIMLUX, solution.

"We compared Red Hat and Novell solutions when searching for the best platform for SIMLUX," said Bertrand Dafflon, the head of Linux and Middleware Engineering at Swisscom IT. "Red Hat’s open source strategy and focus on the reliability of its software tipped the scale in favor of Red Hat solutions. Also, our clients depend on the SAP installation in our Linux environment and with SAP’s certification on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform, no alternative could really be seriously considered."

SIMLUX includes a centrally installed software solution developed by Red Hat that enables Swisscom IT to set up a new Web site, application or database server in less than 30 minutes.