Inlet technologies is adding more capabilities to its on-demand and live programming capabilities by licensing live “Flash” video encoding from On2 Technologies.

Flash is a widely used technology for Web-based multimedia applications.

Inlet will add On2’s capabilities to its Fathom platform that encodes and compresses video. Fathom can now support live Flash video broadcasts.

"Inlet’s flexible, high-quality encoding solutions are enabling content creators, programmers and distributors to satisfy consumer demand for more content on any screen," said Neal Page, Inlet’s chief executive officer. "Integrating On2’s Flix solutions into Inlet’s Fathom product line will allow programmers and broadcasters to deploy compelling large-scale broadcasting services for both on-demand and live VP6 streaming."

VP6 is the latest in a series of codec, or program, for coding and decoding digital content. It is used in Adobe Flash Player 8 and 9 and is installed on virtually all personal computers. Flix Live is designed for streaming live Flash video.