Editor’s Note: Mary Cantando, a nationally-recognized expert in this booming field, engages corporate audiences with insight about how they can successfully compete for their share of this market. A featured speaker at national and international events, Mary also serves as an advisor to forward-thinking firms across North America. This article is the latest in the Entrepreneurial Spirit series produced in partnership through the Council for Entrepreneurial Development and WRAL Local Tech Wire.

RALEIGH, N.C. – I just completed a fascinating project: The Woman’s Advantage 2008 Page-a-Day Calendar.

Over the past year, I’ve collected sound bites of advice from women entrepreneurs across the US and Canada. As you might guess, Triangle women are well represented in the calendar. Although I can’t share them all with you, here are words of wisdom from some smart local women you’re likely to know.

• “In hiring, remember that an empty house is better than a bad tenant.” Darlene Johns, Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.

• "The customer may not always be right…but the customer is always the paying customer, the one who makes it possible for you to stay in business." Van Eure, The Angus Barn Restaurant

• “Each day is not about what you tried to do, it’s about the results.” Lana Calloway, Exhibit Resources

• “If you don’t measure it, it didn’t happen. If you don’t reward it, it may not happen again.” Vickie Bevenour, The RDW Group

• "Treat your customers as if they were someone else’s prospects, because they are." Phyllis Eller-Moffett, Quality Staffing Specialists

• “Don’t let yourself get down. Either be up or getting up.” Patty Briguglio, MMI Associates

• “Conflict is not a bad thing. Deal with it honestly and respectfully. And listen, listen, listen.” Susan T. Weems, Venture Management, Inc.

• “If you don’t invest time to take care of yourself, who will?” Erika Mangrum, Iatria Day Spas

• “There are three things you need: someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.” Judy Smith, Smith Seal of NC

• “The way you live your day is the way you live your life. What choices will you make today?” Sherry Essig, Priority Ventures Group

• “Hire your weaknesses, but with integrity over skill. Long-term results are more significant than short-term dollars.” Denise Bennett, Focus Visions Mortgage Group, LLC

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